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"It was a life tainted by villainy and vice, but looking back, someone was always there for me. Gray, Jellal, Meredy… I’ll sacrifice the rest of my time for the sake of those who are dear to me!"

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 Let's go ! 


when your OTP is really close to being canon but it just hasn’t happened yet and youre just waiting for it to become official 


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me shipping something that will never happen. image


I will protect my friends regardless


Yo, everybody! Time for an episode of “Guri Overanalyses TV-Shows!”
This week; What is up with Yamazaki Sousuke?


This loser right here.

There has been a lot of theories floating around, the three most common being;

- He’s sick

- He’s Injured

- He’s just an ass

An injury is the most…

Ice Geyser & Water Nebula 

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